Personal Care & First Aid

Personal Care Products & First Aid Supplies

Our first aid range offers quality first aid items at affordable prices and always giving value for money. The range encompasses everything needed from plasters - every type you can think of, first aid kits, bandages, up to heat pads, sports rubs and sleep and travel aids. Masterplast® offers an answer to everyday first aid mishaps.
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This brand has grown immensely due to its effectiveness in delivering high quality antibacterial goods. Hand sanitisers are a necessity in today’s world and the vast array of shapes and sizes offered, together with additional hygienic soaps, sprays and wipes allows Hygienics® to be a strong brand in the market.
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Cotton Tree®
A long established brand in the business, Cotton Tree® began offering all things cotton, personal care and baby related items. The range includes baby wipes and creams, cotton wool rolls, pads and multipurpose personal care items for maintaining your personal care regime. The supreme quality of items on offer is clear to see throughout.
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